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MiGO Holiday 2022 Contest

MiGO Holiday 2022 Contest:

Every day is a holiday in this MiGO challenge.  Some "holidays" are real while others celebrate something odd, or funny, or serious.  How much fun can you have with this.

Have you ever celebrated "Eat a Red Apple Day"?  Do you when that is?  How about National Bacon Day, Gingerbread House Day or Mason Jar Day.  You learn about these, and many other special holidays, when you play this contest.   You will be caching on special days with special objectives, all while building your score and increasing your knowledge about many strange and different things that people, at least some people, celebrate.

This contest runs from November 16th through December 31st.  Entry opens November 1st so you will have ample time to study the calendar and formulate your plans.  

Each day presents a new adventure.  We hope you have fun with each of them.

Stuff You Need To Play:

Entry Form MHoliday2022:Entry - Fill this form out to enter the contest prior to playing.  Turning in this form will add you to the Players list.   Entry is open through December 20th.  Entry gets you on a very important email list.


Found One Form:  MHoliday22:FoundOne - Use this simple form to add each qualifying cache you find, one at a time, as you find them.  The form includes the options for each of the three ways to score a cache.  Use only one option per cache.  You only need to identify yourself with your geocacher name once.  We can fill in the blanks for the rest using your member number (collected by the form). 

Inquiries Link:  MHoliday22:InquiryClick this link to send an email to the contest manager(s).    If your email client doesn't like the above link, send your inquiry to "" with this EXACT subject: "MHoliday22:Inquiry".  Questions will be answered on the contest page.  This email, the Entry form and the Found One form are the only accepted method of communication with the contest manager(s). 

Calendar:  MHoliday22:Calender:  Download this document which contains all of the specific "Holiday" cache requirements for each date from Mid-November through the end of December, plus a description of the bonuses available.

GR - General Contest Rules:

Players are expected to understand and play by  Common Contest Rules as well as MiGO Code of Fair Play.  These are both available here:  

Common Contest Rules for MiGO Caching Contests:  Basic rules by which all MiGO caching contests adhere to.    Any variation of these rules is included the Contest Specific rules.

MiGO Code of Fair Play:  Expectations of Participation in MiGO Promotions.

SR - Specific rules for the MHoliday2022 Contest:
  1. Finds:
    1. Find up to two (2) qualifying caches per day on the correct objective/date.
    2. Locations must be unique (1 cache per location), be made on the correct date, and fit the daily objective
  2. Hides:  
    1. During the course of the contest, you may hide 1 cache on days that are designated as allowing a hide on the contest calendar.
      Note:  We don’t want to put an undue burden upon reviewers, so we ask that you plan accordingly and well in advance.  
    2. Hides follow the same rules as finds regarding locations and daily objectives.  
    3. Hides must be hidden after you enter the contest. 
    4. Hides must publish on or before the date for that objective to score so that others may score your hide as a find.
    5. Because this contest has specific daily objectives and the first hide date allowed is early in the contest, you may hide and submit a cache (or event) prior to the contest start date.
    6. Hides must contain MiGOHoliday22 in the title.  Also, please mention MiGO and/or the contest in the description. 
  3. Events:
    1. Events attended follow the same rules as Finds and qualify as Finds.
    2. Events owned follow the same rules as Hides and qualify as Hides, with the exception that the event must occur on the objective date.
  4. Eligible Caches:  Any cache with a GC code, anywhere in the world that meets rules SR-1-3 will qualify. 
  1. Scoring will be done from the data collected from the participants FoundOne forms.
  2. Points:      
    1. Accumulate Points:
      • 1 Point for each find (limit of 2 per objective/date), or event (specific to the objective) attended.
      • 2 Points for each hide (limit to of one, only on days when hides are allowed, per contest calendar).
      • 5 Points for each event you hold as the CO, specifically for a contest objective, on the objective date.
    2. Bonus Points:
      • 1 Bonus Point on days with an active bonus, if you qualify for that bonus (see calendar bonus addendum)
      • 5 Bonus Points for completing the ten of the objective/dates.
      • 5 More Bonus Points for completing twenty of the objective/dates.
      • 5 More Bonus Points for completing thirty of the objective/dates.
      • 10 More Bonus Points for completing all of the objective/dates.
    3. Points Translate to Drawing Chances 1 to 1.  Score 100 points during the contest, get 100 chances in the drawing.  Lake Superior 2x bonus applies prior to the drawing.
  3. Winners
    1. All winners will be determined by random draw, based on points.
    2. There will be four prize winners (it is the holiday season), for our Lake Superior and Lake Huron members. 
    3. If a Lake St. Clair, Trial or Facebook member is drawn for any of the first four drawings, they will win an alternate prize (see below) and an additional drawing will be made for the four main prizes.
    4. There will be one or more random drawings for Lake St. Clair and Facebook participants, based on the number of those participants.
  4. The Prizes(s):
    1. Lake Huron and Lake Superior members are playing for the following pizes:
      • Winner of the first drawing gets their choice between two vintage Geocoins.  In addition, the winner of the drawing will get their membership extended for one year if they have not won a membership extension in the two years prior to the contest end date. 
      • Winner of the second drawing gets the second vintage Geocoin.  In addition, the winner of the drawing will get their membership extended for one year if they have not won a membership extension in the two years prior to the contest end date. 
      • Winner of the third and fourth drawings will get their choice of:
        • a MiGO Trackable Name Badge
        • a MiGO Twenty Year Anniversary Coin
        • a MiGO Trackable Hiking Stick Medallion
      • You may request an alternate prize from the MiGO Store up to the value of the prize won, at the discretion of the MiGO Store Manager.
    2. Lake St. Clair members, Trial members and Facebook members are playing for a coupon for their choice of Travel Tag from The MiGO store valued under $5, plus a coupon for $5 off a Lake Huron or Lake Superior membership.
    3. Membership is measured at the close of the contest date.  Anyone who upgrades membership during the contest will be competing at the upgraded level.
    4. The contest managers always the reserve the right to offer additional prizes, depending on the number of participants.

Remember, it only takes one point to have a chance to win the drawing.

Questions and Answers:


Questions submitted by the MHoliday22:Inquiry form will be answered here unless a private response is deemed necessary.  All other questions will be ignored.

  • Question:  For fast food November 16 Does a Dunkin donuts count as a fast food restaurant?
    Answer:     Yes, unless there is a long line... just kidding..

  • Question:  Does the fast-food slogan (or a form of the slogan) count? for example: They Got the Meats?
    Answer:      If you are talking about National Fast-Food Day, you need to find a cache at a fast-food restaurant, not find a cache with the with the name of a fast-food restaurant in the title.  If you are not talking about today, what date are you referring to? 

  • Question:  Can an Adventure Lab be used for any of the day's objectives? I was specifically looking at November 22 go for a ride day or one of the holidays when time is a premium. Just asking thanks?
    Answer:      Rule SR-4 states: Eligible Caches: Any cache with a GC code, anywhere in the world that meets rules SR-1-3 will qualify. Adventure Labs do not have a GC code, so no, labs cannot be used. Bonus caches have a GC code, so if the cache itself qualifies, it can be used.

  • Question:  Resubmission. I submitted the same cache twice because I forgot to include the log as extra info in the first submission. Is that something that can be sorted out there on your end? Thanks.
    Answer:      I really appreciate you letting me know. It is much easier to correct this with your input than after all of the finds are downloaded. In this case, it was easy to find the duplicate and withdraw the first one.  

  • Question:  For days that require a word can it be inside of another word? You have allowed that in the past I don't see it addressed in the fair play rules. Example November 25...corn Can it be Corner?
    Answer:      Yes, the word can be part of another word, like corn and corner or acorn, but it has to be contiguous.  

  • Question:  I am starting to realize that I have not checked the bonus box question when I qualify. I have put the Bonus info in the description box, but not the question box. Does this matter? Do you check it that way? Sorry for being a pain.?
    Answer:      If you make any error submitting a FoundOne form, let the contest manager know using the Inquiry email. Include the date of the challenge and the GC Code in question. The Contest Manager will withdraw the errant form and let you know so you can resubmit. An Excel spreadsheet is used to score these contests. If you don't mark the bonus box when you qualify, the spreadsheet won't try to score your bonus. Make sure you inform the contest managager FIRST, as duplicate entries FoundOne forms will result in both submissions being withdrawn if you don't.  

  • Question:  For days with a bonus, do we get 2 bonus points if both caches qualify?
    Answer:      Looking at the data turned in so far that a few people have interpreted it that way, but the first bullet under Bonus scoring does say 1 bonus point on days with an active bonus.  That means one per day, not one per cache per day.

  • Question:  For "Go for a Ride Day," do I need to submit a found one for all five caches? I did annotate all five GC codes in the remarks block of the form for the first cache I found that day. Also, does Specific Rule 1a allowing up to two qualifying caches per day still apply? If so, is it automatic since five caches are required to fulfill contest requirements or do I need to submit a "FoundOne" for two (or all five) of the qualifying five caches?
    Answer:      For every day's objective, you need to submit a FoundOne just once.  You may meet the objective twice per day, meaning you would need to submit two FoundOne's.  For "Go for a Ride Day", the GC codes of the other four caches you found should be noted in the Extra Information field in the FoundOne form.  If you qualify for the bonus on "Go for a Ride Day", you also need to identify which cache qualifies.  It makes scoring easier, but is not a requirement, to use the qualifying cache in the GC Code field for the day's objective.  Regarding the two a day, for "Go for a Ride Day", to get two points you would need to find 10 caches, five for each objective met.  This, apparently, was not clear enough.  We will try to do better in the future.  If you have already submitted five FoundOne forms for a "Go for a Ride Day" objective, don't worry about it.  The score keeper will make it work.

  • Question:  Do I need to submit a FoundOne form on the two free point days?
    Answer:      No.  The free point days are automatically scored.  Excel is my friend.  A couple players have submitted FoundOne forms on the two free point days.  These are not scored as "extra credit".

  • Question:  To earn the bonus on December 30th do you have to eat at the restaurant that you can see from the cache?
    Answer:      No, but you do need to identify both the restaurant the cache is near (for the objective) and the restaurant where you had breakfast.  

  • Question:  ?
    Answer:      .  

Have fun everyone.  See what fun things you can celebrate this holiday season.



MiGO Holiday 2022 is brought to you from the creative mind of LynnGeoGin, otherwise known as the MiGO Treasurer and Storekeeper, Lynn Johnson. 

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