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You have reached the homepage of the Michigan Geocaching Organization (MiGO). The purpose of our organization is to promote the sport of Geocaching in Michigan via improved communications and to provide information to the public about our activities and the sport of geocaching. Please spend some time on our site. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or visit for more details.

Join MiGO Today! Membership gives you many benefits. MiGO is one of the oldest and most respected Geocaching organizations in the country. Since our inception in April, 2002 we have grown both in size and stature. In 2007 we were granted an organizational land use permit by the Michigan DNR. This permit enables MiGO  members to place caches on permitted DNR lands, with the appropriate permit where required, at no fee. This is just one of the many benefits of your membership. You'll also become part of a local and tight-knit Geocaching community with an active interest in caching in our state. Members have access to our forums and are encouraged to participate.  We also have a very active Facebook Group which is a great place to meet cachers and learn the game.

To Join, renew or upgrade your membership, pull down the Membership Menu.



The January Photo Contest runs to January 31st!  Scroll down to January Promotions.

12 Days of Christmas was again popular.  To see a list of the winners, scroll down to the December promotions.

MiGO Cluedo Contest entry is now closed.  Forty cachers are trying to "solve the clues."  To see the contest page, scroll down to November-February Promotion.

The MiGO General Member Meeting will be held via ZOOM call at 7PM, January 23rd.  To request an invitation, to the ZOOM call, submit this form:    2022 MiGO General Membership Meeting Signup 

Photo Contest 2021-12

The November-December Photo Contest

Congratulations to the winner


and to second place (tie) between

grizz-rider and llski

for their submissions to the theme

Falling into Early Winter

Thank you to all who voted.


February Promotions

The MiGO 20th Anniversary Geocoin is Included in the Winter Social 2022 SWAG Bag. Register for Winter Social before they are gone.

Weekend of February 26th

MiGO Winter Social 2022

Exploring The Big City

Log your "Will Attend" here:


Click this button for all of the details and to register for SWAG, Meals, Activities, etc.

2022 Winter Social

Winter Social is our only fund raiser for the year.   Even if you can't come, please consider ordering SWAG or making a donation.   Both are done through the registration process.

With your help, your will attend and your registration, perhaps we can turn Winter Social into a
Michigan Mega Event.

An Incentive for Registering Early
Only Two of these Special Editions will ever be made.
Note: The image above is not the actual coin.  It is going to look much nicer!
One of these Special Editions will be in the Silent Auction and will likely be a popular item.

One of these Special Editions will be given away in a drawing of Winter Social Registrants.  The earlier you register the better your chance to win.  
Your chances will be multiplied by the number of weeks you register prior to Winter Social!  There is no purchase necessary to win, but you will get more chances for:

Adding a meal purchase to your registration
Adding a SWAG bag purchase to your registration
Adding a T-Shirt to your registration
Adding a $ donation to your registration

The more people we get registered early, the better chance we have at local merchants supplying door prizes for Winter Social.

Please log your will attend on the event page as well.
You must be present at the drawing after dinner to win this geocoin.
Registrations including Meals, SWAG, a T-Shirt and/or a donation must be paid in advance.  
Current Registrants are already in this drawing with their registration date.

Do you have items to donate to the Silent Auction

Please click this button to let us know ahead of time what you will be bringing.

WS22 Silent Auction Item Donation


2022 MiGO Winter Social
Gadget and Creative Cache Contest


The Gadget Cache contest at the 2020 Winter Social in Kalamazoo was a popular attraction to several area geocachers with very creative minds.    For 2022, MiGO is expanding the contest to two categories.  Gadget Caches AND Creative Caches.  
Each registrant at the 2022 MiGO Winter Social will be a judge and get to pick both their favorite Gadget Cache and favorite Creative Cache.  Get busy and get building to enter this fun and very useful contest. 

Pre-registration is required to let us know your intent to compete.  

The details, rules and the link to sign up to enter your creation is on this page.  Please let us know early if you are planning on wowing us with your handiwork.   

This contest is open to ALL geocachers attending (or by proxy) Winter Social.  You don't need to be a MiGO member to enter and win.

2022 WS Gadget & Creative Cache Contest


January Promotions

Zoom... Focus... Click!

We are continuing  a regular feature on the MiGO Website, a Photo Contest.  We are our giving our members a chance to provide some new photos for the website and have a chance at winning a "fabulous prize" in the process.   Dust off your Nikon, wind your Pentax, Charge your Lumix, or just point your phone at something interesting on your geocaching adventures and related to the theme below.

This contest runs the last two months of the year, from January 1st  through January 31st. The holidays are behind us, and we are slipping into the theme for this contest:

A Long Winters Cache


Click the button above to submit a photo. You may submit 1, 2 or 3 photos per contest period.   Please submit only current photos.  Remember, landscape photos look better on our scroller...

The EC and Board will pick the top 5, the Membership picks the winner.

---------> Please note that this is a 1-month long contest. <----------


December Promotions

MiGO Holiday Trackable Giveaway

Again, this year, MiGO is participating in the Geocaching Limited Edition Holiday Travel Bug promotion.

Any purchase from the MiGO store that includes the MiGO Annual Calendar will get also one of these travel bugs free (limit of 30 calendars available).

Any other purchase from the MiGO store exceeding $20 will also get one of these travel bugs. free (limited to first 30 orders, store orders limited to one travel bug per cacher account).

This offer is only available to orders placed via the webstore on or after 11/23/21 and paid in full. The offer is also limited to one travel bug per cacher account.

Additional travel bugs will be given away as contest prizes, so stay tuned.

        On the first day of Christmas MiGO gave away... four Geocaching Holiday Travel Bugs:
to LadyBee4t, 2277, Finnomenon and Ranger4+1.
         On the second day of Christmas MiGO gave away... four more Geocaching Holiday Travel Bugs: to fins&feathers, Cosmo411Acker3Family, and TTFNCachn.
         On the third day of Christmas MiGO gave away... four more Geocaching Holiday Travel Bugs: to Amor2, Team CoyChev, Piperollie1, and RemSpec.
         On the fourth day of Christmas MiGO gave away... four more Geocaching Holiday Travel Bugs: to Roland Kent, Grand7lealajm, IdaLabs, and mkettel.

        On the fifth day of Christmas MiGO gave away... four more Geocaching Holiday Travel Bugs: to Coyote Cacher, MichiSeekers, RedhedMary, and StepsideWally.
        On the sixth day of Christmas MiGO gave away... four more Geocaching Holiday Travel Bugs: to TechnoOldFolks, Teambaker101, DirtBikeGranny, and Hooked On U.
        On the seventh day of Christmas MiGO gave away... four more Geocaching Holiday Travel Bugs: to king tut, navychief98, GoldDogs, and periwinlke128.
        On the eighth day of Christmas MiGO gave away... four more Geocaching Holiday Travel Bugs: to acntrin, grizz-rider, vj24, and Ypsimom.
        On the ninth day of Christmas MiGO gave away... four more Geocaching Holiday Travel Bugs: to GHBuccaneers, Lodidodger, hornyjoe, and New Market Mallers.
        On the tenth day of Christmas MiGO gave away... four more Geocaching Holiday Travel Bugs: to Ranger Sue, Sky'sRiders, Rj_toot, and Cinamuck.
        On the eleventh day of Christmas MiGO gave away... four more Geocaching Holiday Travel Bugs: to aghudley, loumeister, mboensch and 3bearsmomma.
         On the twelfth day of Christmas, MiGO gave away...


November-February Promotion

A three-month contest with some twists.

Using your own clues, Can you find "whodunnit"?

Click this button to get to the contest page. Enter the contest from there.

MiGO Cluedo 2021-2022


Ongoing Promotions

The Latest from the GeoTour

January 1st, 2022.   

Winter is now upon us.  People are still out finding the MSPCGT caches.  One brave team just this week completed their finds in the western Upper Peninsula.  The MiGO State Parks Work Group still meets with the DNR on a regular basis and the DNR is very happy with the numbers we are generating with the tour and the revenues it is generating for our parks and the businesses in the surrounding communities.  Keep searching and finding the GeoTour hides and keep those numbers climbing. 

We, the combined MiGO and DNR team, have some more ideas in early planning stages, so stay tuned for more news, hopefully soon.
Here are the latest GeoTour stats:

News from the DNR:  For those of you who have earned your Silver and/or Gold coins, the DNR has more coins ordered, so please be patient. It takes time to get them.   

As many of you know, our own "Kneel More" is an avid and prolific filmmaker with regards to the game of Geocaching.  Kneel and his friend Bob Billy have dozens of informative and often hilarious videos in his YouTube collection. Kneel has created a series of videos while caching the MSPC GeoTour.  To view the videos, click on the images below.

A humble beginning
Part 2
History Preserved
Cold Hard Cache

MiGO/OGA Great Race


The Great Race, hosted in cooperation by the Michigan Geocaching Organization and the Ohio Geocaching Association has been kicked off at Midwest Geobash. The official page for the race and where tracking will take place is hosted on the OGA website. It will be populated shortly. It can be found at:


MiGO/OGA Great Race Page


Official rules for the Great Race can be found at:


MiGO/OGA Great Race Rules


A limited number of official racers will be available from the MiGO Store within a few days. Racers are limited to two per geocaching account.


MiGO Store


Please read the rules before activating your racer. This is not your typical Trackable Race.



DNR Centennial Geocache Trail -
Trust the Tradition


The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is celebrating its Centennial year in 2021. Jay's Sporting Goods is celebreating their 50th anniversary.  To celebrate, The DNR is partnering with Jay's Sporting Goods with help from MiGO putting together a geocache trail (not a GeoTour) of fifty caches in four regions of Michigan, one region at a time.  Jay's is supplying the actual geocaches that will be hidden with our assistance.  Search the state for caches named "DNR TTT - Adventure" in their name.

We want to recognize the following cachers for stepping up to help.  Numbers in parenthesis indicate multiple sites:

2277, aghudley, Bainers1103, bgscrabble, ccsquire, Cinamuck, coolmamaof5, DanTMan&Co (2), Gdpunkgirl73, Grayseelou' HelloLola, iatsemedic, IFollowRoads, K&A Enterprises (2), kirtlandii (2), kitedancer, LiteOnCache, Loumiester, Mermaidsh, Piperollie1, Pirate Sunflower (3), Ranger4+1, redwings01win, SeasonsGuide (3). Stuffedcabbage, Team Nix (2), The Macho Homemaker, theworldisoutthere (5), TJPost (2), Traveling Dave, usyoopers (5), Ypsimom (2).

We would also like to recognize the following additional cachers who volunteered as backupsfor the primary hiders:

beenhere, DirtBikeGranny, epoch13, Working4Cache

Thank you all so much for helping bring this joint effort to fruition.  

MiGO 2022 Susan K. Schug Scholarship

In memory of one of its past members, the Michigan Geocaching Organization will be sponsoring a $300.00 scholarship aimed at assisting our next generation of Michigan youth in their studies of outdoor recreational activities, in hopes of helping them gain an appreciation of the outdoors while learning to be good stewards of Michigan's land conservation and the environment in general. 


Any active MiGO member, their spouse or their child or grandchild, who will be attending a college or university, is eligible to apply for this scholarship.

The application period is now closed.  The winner will be announced at Winter Social, February 26th, in Livonia. 

Promote MiGO on your Geocache Page


MiGO members are encouraged to identify geocaches as being owned by a MiGO Member. We have had a page containing sample logos and other graphics for MiGO Cache Owners to include on their own cache pages. Recently, HQ tightened their security, breaking many COs links to graphics and other pages. Neither our old host or our new one were included in the acceptable list.


The good news is, we have placed the graphics on our own Google Drive space and updated the page with the logos and code to go with them.


The bad news is, we would like all of our members to update all geocache pages that used our older host with code for the new location of the graphics.


Click the link below to see what is available and copy the new code to your cache pages.


Add a MiGO Logo to your cache page


Notable Membership Activity over the Last Two Months

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