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Michigan County Century Challenge Caches

In the fall of 2018, a new series of Challenge Caches was started in Michigan, beginning with Benzie County.   As of late Jun3 1, 2020, the number of counties covered by this challenge has grown to 63.  

The rules of the challenges are, you can find cache and write your name in the log any time but in order to qualify for a find, you must have already found 100 other caches in that county.  If you don't yet qualify, your log must be a "write note".  To find out if you qualify, run the challenge checker found on each cache page.  Capture the results from the checker, like this, and add it to your found log: 

          XXXXXXXXXX has used Project-GC to see if they qualified for this challenge and they did.

          User has 151 finds (100 needed).Filters:( county:Benzie County (MI) , country:United States)

The map below has links to the County Century Challenge Caches for counties that have them.  The color code is below the map.  Thank you Ian Lengel and The Ohio Geocaching Organization for the idea of using clickable maps on the MiGO site.

 Light Gray      Counties that do not have enough qualified finders (minimum of 10) or Counties that have less than 100 caches.
 Dark Gray      Counties that do have enough qualified finders but do not yet have a Century Challenge.
 Light Blue       Counties that do have enough qualified finders and have a Century Challenge being prepared by a cacher.
 Blue                    Counties that have a Century Challenge Cache.  Click the county to jump to the cache page.

An active and always up to date list of the available Michigan County Century Challenges can be found here:

A leaderboard generated by can be seen here.  Keep in mind stats for non-paying members are only updated once every eight days or so.

Do you think you would like to be the CO for a Century Challenge in your county?  To qualify, you must qualify to find such a cache.  In other words, you must have already found 100 caches in that county.  In addition, for a county to qualify to host a Century Challenge Cache, a minimum of ten geocachers mush have already found 100 caches in that county.  If you qualify, the county qualifies and you are interested in being a CO, contact bgscrabble for particulars.