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Waterways Caching Challenge


Waterways Caching Challenge:

  • The Waterways Caching Challenge (WWCC) runs from Friday, July 1st, 2022, through Wednesday, August 31st, 2022.  
  • On or after July 1st and prior to Midnight, August 19th, fill out and submit the contest Entry form prior to playing.  (see the Stuff You Need To Play section below for the form.
  • Figure out your targets using the Specific Rules section, then go hunting. 
  • Use the "FoundOne" form to record each of your qualifying caches as you find and log them online. (see the Stuff You Need To Play section below for the form.  
  • Take photos for a possible bonus (see Scoring).
  • Contest is open to all MiGO Website members. 
Stuff You Need To Play:

Entry Form WWCC22:Entry - Fill this form out to enter the contest prior to playing.  Turning in this form will add you to the Players list. 

Found One Form:  WWCC22:FoundOne  Use this simple form to add each qualifying cache you find, one at a time, as you find them.  The form includes the options for each of the three ways to score a cache.  Use only one option per cache.  You only need to identify yourself with your cacher name once.  We can fill in the blanks for the rest using your member number (collected by the form). 

Inquiries Link:  WWCC22:InquiryClick this link to send an email to the contest manager(s).    If your email client doesn't like the above link, send your inquiry to "" with this EXACT subject: "WWCC22:Inquiry".  Questions will be answered on the contest page.  This email, the Entry form and the Found One form are the only accepted method of communication with the contest manager(s). 

GR - General Contest Rules:

Players are expected to understand and play by  Common Contest Rules as well as MiGO Code of Fair Play.  These are both available here:  

Common Contest Rules for MiGO Caching Contests:  Basic rules by which all MiGO caching contests adhere to.    Any variation of these rules is included the Contest Specific rules.

MiGO Code of Fair Play:  Expectations of Participation in MiGO Promotions.

SR - Specific rules for the Waterways Caching Challenge:
  1. What to look for: There are multiple ways for caches to be eligible to score in this contest. 
     NOTE : the two proximity methods require you to take 1 or 2 waypoints, depending on the cache you find or hide.
    1. By Key Word: Find (or hide) a geocache that contains one of the following words related to Waterways.  Keywords must appear contiguous within a single word in title, without spaces or punctuation.  Only one keyword counts per cache:
      1.  bay
      2.  canal
      3.  cove
      4.  creek
      5.  gulf
      6.  fiord
      7.  inlet
      8.  lagoon
      9.  lake
      10.  ocean
      11.  pond 
      12.  river
      13.  sea
      14.  sound
      15.  strait
      16.  stream 
    2. Proximity to a waterway: Find (or hide) any geocache that is within 528' of a waterway from the list above (SR 1.a).  
      1.  The waterway must be named on Google Maps.
      2.  You must provide the coordinates for a point on said waterway within 528' of the posted or actual cache coordinates.
      3.  If the posted coordinates are not within 528' of a named waterway, but the final is, you must provide the final coordinates.
    3. Proximity to a MichigahnWaterways Adventure Lab.
      1. Identify the Waterways Adventure (one of seven) and the specific Lab (stop).
      2.  If the posted coordinates are not within 528' of a Lab, but the final is, you must provide the final coordinates.
  2. Cache eligibility:  
    1. Any cache with a GC code that meets the criteria of specific rules Section SR 1 is eligible.
    2. Hides:  Up to 10 of your own hides, following the rules in Section SR 1, hidden by July 31st and published by August 7th are eligible to score.  Events count as hides.  We would appreciate a mention of MiGO and/or the contest in the title or description.
  3. What to do
    1. Find  and/or hide caches according to the rules above and record them one at a time with the Found One form.


  1. Scoring will be done from the data collected from the participants FoundOne forms.  
  2. Points:
    1. Get 1 point for hides (up to 10) made following the contest rules.
    2. Get 1 point for every find of a cache with a key word in the title.
    3. Get 1 points for every find of a cache within 528' of a named waterway.  
    4. Get 2 points for every find of a cache within 528' of a Michigan Waterways Adventure Lab (stop).
    5. Bonus: Get 1 point for each find of a cache containing Waterways related attributes: (wading, swimming, scuba, boat). 
    6. Bonus: Get 2 points for each photo you take at or near the cache that you also enter in the MiGO July or August Photo Contest (maximum of three photos per contest).   There will be additional bonus points if your photo places in the top 5 in the July Photo Contest.
  3. Winners:  There will be two winners.  
    1. The person with the most points earned will win a prize.  
    2. Each other player turning in a Found One form will receive as many chances in a drawing as the points they accumulate. 
    3. In both cases, Lake Superior members get the usual 2x point bonus.  
  4. The Prizes
    1. Lake Huron and Lake Superior members are playing for a vintage Geocoin in both the most points category and the drawing.  In addition, the winner of the drawing will get their membership extended for one year if they have not won a membership extension in the two years prior to the contest end date.
    2. Lake St. Clair members and Trial members are playing for a coupon for $5 off a Lake Huron or Lake Superior membership.
    3. The contest managers always the reserve the right to offer additional prizes, depending on the number of participants.

Answers to questions posted using the WWCC:Inquiry email link:

  • Question:  Do Key words within words count?  Such as Sea  in “seat”  or Cove in “Cover”?
  • Answer:     Yes, so long as the keyword is contiguous.  There can be no spaces or punctuation within the keyword.
  • Question: The specific rules on the contest page do NOT state Michigan. I am not asking about Michigan waterways ALs. I understand why those are included. ?
  • Answer:   Keywords and by proximity to a waterway count regardless of where you are.  Obviously, proximity to a Michigna Waterways AL  only counts withing our borders.  Thank you for asking.
  • Question: Only one keyword counts per cache:  I could use the keyword River for 20 caches, but cannot use keyword Lake and Lagoon in the same cache?
  • Answer:   That is correct.  Only one keyword per cache for this contest.
  • Question: ?
  • Answer:   .



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